Our products keep you safe all day.



We couple Fibr™ with slow-release Nitric Oxide technology to provide both immediate sanitizing & hours of long-lasting residual protection.



We take natural repellents, such as lemongrass & eucalyptus, and supercharge them with modern technology for long-lasting, safe, and pleasant protection all day.



We combine proven sunscreen molecules with Fibr™ resulting in a larger molecule for all-day protection and zero absorption through the skin.

Scientifically developed. Cosmetically formulated.

The Science

Our patented technology weaves multiple proven active ingredients into a single large molecule.The Result: greater efficacy, slower evaporation, increased safety, and a better product.



The Invisible Glove couples our patented slow-release technology with natural anti-microbial ingredients for long-lasting protection against viruses & bacteria. While alcohol-based products provide only immediate sanitizing, Longsleeve delivers protection for hours post-application. Cosmetically-formulated to moisturize so your hands no longer have to suffer from the drying effects of alcohol.

Active Ingredients: 0.3% Nitric Oxide (lasting protection), 0.13% BZK (immediate sanitizing)

Apply liberally to dry hands. Use as needed.

In lab testing, our Nitric Oxide technology killed over 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

* Independent in vitro testing



The Invisible Net uses only natural active ingredients and outperforms DEET to keep bugs away. Our technology ensures that protection is long-lasting, and our cosmetic formulation provides a pleasant smell & feel. For humans it's revolutionary... but for insects, it's a buzzkill.

Active Ingredients: 30% Oil of Lemon eucalyptus

Apply liberally to EXPOSED SKIN. Use as needed.

In lab testing, our natural lemon eucalyptus formulation maintained 98% efficacy after 24 hours. DEET was 0% effective at this point.

* Independent arm-in-cage testing



The Invisible Hat not only provides long-lasting & water-resistant UV protection, but our larger molecule means no skin absorption (to protect your long-term health). Cosmetically-formulated for all-day comfort. Oxybenzone-free to protect our fragile coral reefs.

Active Ingredients: 3% avobenzone (UVA), 6% homosalate (uvb), 5% octisalate (uvb)

Apply liberally to skin and face. Use as needed.

After one wash, Longsleeve maintains nearly 50% more UV protection than competitors.

* Testing after one wash

Our products are safe.

We stand by the safety of our products. Over $1 million has been spent on FDA-compliant safety testing.


12 Week Implant: Passed
26 Week Implant: Passed
ASTM Hemolysis: Passed
Cytotoxicity (ISO Elution Method): Passed
Genotoxicity (Bacterial Reverse Mutation): Passed
Genotoxiity (Mouse Lymphoma Assay): Passed
Genotoxicity (Peripheral Blood Micronucleus): Passed
ISO Intracutaneous: Passed
ISO Maximization Sensitization: Passed
ISO system Toxicity: Passed
Sensitization: Passed
Repeat Insult Patch Test: Passed

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